Client Profile

Our Client is a social platform that helps its users to organize and make more use of their time to be more productive and professional. They provide a unique social communication method that revolutionizes the way people communicate, connecting local communities, social groups, and businesses. They provide their users with a lifestyle application that improves handling day-to-day, real-life schedules and help to integrate the physical and digital world for its users.

Client Requirement

Our Client wanted an application to organize and schedule everyday activities like shopping lists, to-do lists, organizing events, and syncing all data within the user’s personal calendar.

  • Add events, lists, to-do’s, and get them reflected in the calendar along with other notifications.
  • An application that integrates and notifies day-to- day schedules.
  • Synchronizing users’ calendar with an application

Feathersoft Solution

Our passionate and experienced technical experts in Feathersoft created a state-of-the-art platform that a user can organize all their daily schedules and activities along with their personal calendar, under one roof.

  • We crafted a user-friendly application, focusing on personal and professional motivation by helping you organize your tasks and motivate yourself to make progress.
  • Introduced a different stylistic concept for the application, which contributed to a minimalistic and elegant design experience for the user.
  • The development of the application concentrated completely on fewer interactions, intuitive navigations, and eye-catching transitions to allow the user to use the application irrespective of their domain and environment.

Key Challenges

  • Usability issues while integrating different features into a single application.
  • Synchronizing multiple calendars.
  • Debugging, and updating a multi-platform release.

Impact on Business

  • Managing priorities with accurate data.
  • Synchronizing calendar and managing appointments without fail
  • A single dashboard that integrates day-to-day activities
  • Ease of routine planning and execution.
  • Improved data privacy and cutting dependency on separate applications.
  • Managing different sets of lists such as
    • shopping
    • to-do
    • receipts
    • gift cards and coupons

Technology Used