utilization of technology in healthtech industry


Big data has made a powerful impact in healthcare technology increasing the level of complexity and giant data sets that only big data techniques are capable of managing.

Financial and operational aspects of healthcare, patient care management, resource usage, cost control and security risks can be addressed by Business Intelligence applications to amp up quality of healthcare and address financial concerns of both the healthcare provider, and the patient.

Feathersoft realizes the vast potential of technological innovation in Healthcare technology and has channeled its efforts and resources at aiding development and transformation of Healthtech companies.

Our solutions take care of the critical aspects in Healthtech development-

  • Multi-tier functionalities
  • Data security and Privacy Concerns
  • Scalability
  • Complex integrations
  • Default in Patient Payment
  • Compliance controls
  • Complex web of interactions
  • Commitment to patient loyalty
a doctor speaking with patient

entering pin number from card

Our capabilities span across-

  • Healthcare payment systems
  • Financial transactions systems
  • Payment/billing software
  • Money transfer/remittance

Our services span across-

  • Product Development
  • Real-time interface
product development phase

a person using laptop

Some of our success stories include-

  • Healthcare Payment Collections for leading Healthcare Payment Collections company
  • Data Analytics Solution for leading Healthcare payment solutions company
  • DevOpps Solution for leading Healthcare payment solutions company
  • Application to automate processes in NGS Labs company