Healthcare Payment
Collection with Cutting-Edge Solutions


Our client is a prominent healthcare payments company in the United States and this acquisition will give them a unique advantage in one of the fastest growing sectors. With the vast expertise of two decades in the area
of healthcare payments collection and having multiple offices across the country, it offers support to its clients round the clock.

The payment collection giant was relying on the manual, multi-step process on a non-healthcare payment platform for billing for their clients. With its ever-increasing clientele and evolving competition in the stretch, the company wanted to develop a payment process enabling digital payments by sharing information securely and more efficiently than in traditional payment models that will revolutionize the healthcare payments collection.

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Key Challenges

  • Reduces payment processing time
  • Enables online payments
  • Payment process optimizing
  • Terminating clerical input for the payment process

Feathersoft Solution

Feathersoft developed a secure payment system that allows easy payment collection and processing. Feathersoft used a discrete approach by splitting the project into different modules and developing it with utmost customization.

Patient Current Balance

A product developed for sending Patient payment balances through email.

Patient Financial Assistance

A product developed to assist patients to make their payment with the help of various lenders.

Patient Eligibility Benefits

An admin tool developed to check patient eligibility to get insurance coverage on their payment balance.

Patient ID Assessment

An admin tool developed to check patient credit score details and their Federal poverty level.

Payment Plan Enrolment

A product developed for both patient and provider sides to convert patient’s pending bill amount to instalments.

EMV Card Reader

A solution built for card payment process using PIN and chip Authentication for secure payments.

Moments of Truth – Impact on Business

The software solution enabled the Client to offer their customers a healthcare-specific payment processing tool that enables eligibility verification, claims, remittances and payment processing in a single transaction.

  • Minimised human intervention in plans and payments
  • Ensured payments with automated payment plans
  • Faster and easier payments collection
  • Geographical revenue analysis from transactional data
  • Creation of common Data lake

Technology Stacks

Angular js
Entity framework
Node js