Client Profile

Our client is an education company providing brisk, enjoyable, and affordable education solutions that blend AI, ICT, and neuroscience technology for brain-friendly learning and teaching.

They want to develop an engaging e-learning platform that could be useful for students, parents, and teachers and builds thinking skills & problem-solving confidence in children.

Project Challenges

  • Data protection: Ensuring data protection to secure the contents against piracy and copyright violation.
  • Inimitability of the app:  Maintaining the inimitability of the application to ascertain that it runs only on the designated devices.
  • Format of data: Tackling complex formatting as the academic curriculum contained numerous scientific and mathematical texts comprising bullet points, nested lists, superscript, special characters, boxed text, labeled diagrams, charts and graphics, intricate table of contents, etc.

Our Approach

Keeping in mind all the client requirements and the project challenges the project plan was devised by Feathersoft’s highly experienced team.

  • Developed scenarios:  Different scenarios were created, along with the inclusion of memory games and vocab trees to prevents the application from becoming monotonous and helps maintain the interest of the child.
  • Textbook Library: The system displays a bookshelf of all available textbooks arranged in alphabetic order of the subjects. The user can select whichever title or article they want to read.
  • Practice Test: The student is presented with a list of practice tests from which the student selects the exam subject they require and have them graded immediately. Incorrect answers are indicated with the correctly listed answer.
  • User Registration: To make the application secure and available only to the targeted user, valid user credentials are created to limit the data access.


Interesting scenarios of content: The interface provided the users with options to access the various forms of media content which were presented in the forms of Textbooks, Tests, and Games. For registered users, the App displays icons from which the user can select any of the following functions:

  • Access the library and read any of the textbooks
  • Access to different types of memory games
  • Conduct practice tests

Appealing graphic user-interface lead to better client satisfaction and the enhanced user-engagement helped students to get comfortable without compromising on the aesthetics.

Parents can compare their children’s performance with others of the same age group and students can analyze their performance and find out their stronger and weaker subjects.

Technology Used

Angular js