Client Profile

Our Client is a leading agriculture company, and a major producer of seeds and agrochemicals. They are focusing their efforts on global food security and improving the sustainability of agriculture. They help millions of farmers around the world to grow safe and nutritious food while helping the farmers to produce healthy, premium crops and minimize the use of precious natural resources.

Client Requirement

Our client wanted a simple, and budget-friendly platform to record seed variety data, seed quality, and advancement of hybrid seeds, for which they were using MS Access and SharePoint. They are utilizing this tool to record a single seed functionality now, which they wanted to expand. They also wanted a state-of-the-art platform that is crop agnostic and globally available. The requirement identified were as follows:

  • Upgrading to new technology to support a variety of hybrid crops instead of a single crop and retain existing integrations and connections with other systems.
  • Adding critical functionalities to define seed quality with an Agile approach.
  • Automating and scheduling new integrations, modified integrations, and connections with other systems in a cost-effective way.

Feathersoft Solution

We developed a server-less cloud application using the latest technology which made the application robust and stable. We expanded the application to incorporate additional crops and made it agile and crop agnostic.

  • Data Management: Seed Variety of data is collected and probed in real-time, supplying an accurate picture of their operations.
  • Data Security: Valid user credentials are created to access data using single sign-on authentication and authorization, safeguarding the information collected.
  • Data Export: Seed Variety data can be exported to an excel file for various data analysis purposes. Technical Profile Summary (TPS) report generation that provides the status report of a Seed Variety.

Key Challenges

  • Automatic data population to enhance the performance analysis of Seed Variety against market segments.
  • Creating access control management for the application.
  • Data Migration from the legacy system managing data validations.

Impact on Business

  • Creation of agile, easy to use UI helped in the effortless adoption of the tool.
  • Faster and easier crop variety selection in the ‘Product Selection’ process.
  • Data validations to ensure the accuracy and quality of data entered in the tool.
  • Ease of finding Seed Varieties in the tool using search and advanced filters.

Technology Used

Serverless Cloud Application
Amplify (FE JS)