Client Profile

Our Client is a leading technology service consultancy in California, who provides strategic and management consulting services to software product and services companies. Our client helps Information Technology companies to make the right move and win in this dynamic and competitive IT environment.
Our client specializes in strategic and operational leadership in defining and executing profitable revenue models for software products, SaaS companies, and M&A. Over the years, our Client has successfully concluded several M&A transactions for their clients.

Client Requirement

Our Client required a product to collect clinician’s data, that is, a list of doctors, physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and other medical professionals.

  • The Client wanted to collect data from various parts of the country and they want the application to be available to users globally.
  •  They wanted to introduce filter options based on the clinician’s location, age, and based on their specialization.
  • They wanted the data to be displayed in a dashboard 
  • The Client also wanted the output from the application to be compatible and used as an input in a variety of systems.

Feathersoft Solution

Feathersoft’s proficient development team, with the help of our cloud experts, developed a Serverless product for them which benefited them to elevate their business to the next level. We provided them with the following functionalities:

  • An efficient dashboard was introduced, to list and view clinician’s data, search a Clinician by their name, location, age, or specialization.
  • A flexible product to import the data from different sources and parse the data to store them into a common database.
  • Ensured that the product serves data in a compatible way, where they could export the data from the application and deliver it to different systems that are entirely different from the parent application.
  • Other necessary updates like flagging the information and filtering the database were introduced to ease the workflow for the user.

Impact on business

  •  Enhanced processes from manual data collection to a streamlined dashboard with comprehensive features.
  • The Serverless approach made the product fast, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.
  • Improved latency made the product much easier for the user to adapt without affecting the performance.
  • Top-notch UX had a huge impact on usability, and ultimately client satisfaction.
  • Minimized human intervention.

Technology Used

Dynamo DB
API Gateway Service
Lambda Service
Code Pipeline Service
Batch Service
Angular js