Our Client is a popular online food ordering platform and restaurant guide in India used by over a million restaurants around the globe. They are one of the largest food aggregators and operate a website and mobile application that provides menu, contact details, photographs, location, ratings, and reviews.

They are committed to nurturing a neutral platform and are helping food establishments to maintain high standards and helping users to find the best place for their users to dine-in or order food online.

Client Requirement

Our Client plays a major role in the ever-changing industry of food delivery, where the trends and preferences of people keep switching based on the various options which are presented before them. So, it was imperative for them to have a close watch on the changing patterns and preferences.
As a leader in the food delivery industry, they wanted to leverage big data analytics to find the following:

  • The pattern of food orders in various cities – to find out if the trend of online food orders was on the rise or facing declines.
  • Which specific cities exhibit a high influx of orders and, whether the infrastructure in place was sufficient to handle it – like the number of delivery personnel in that city.
  • How efficiently users manage discount coupons and offer and what net effect was it created on the business.

Key Challenges

  • One among the most challenging task which the team had to overcome was the sheer difficulty in streamlining and using many dissimilar technologies to put the system in place.
  • Creating a workflow for different types of jobs.
  • Since the system had applications in multiple industries, the team had to plan a flexible infrastructure to accommodate the requirements of clients from different business segments.

Feathersoft Solution

Close monitoring of jobs was crucial in generating accurate and reliable data which was then used in analytics for measuring the various business growth parameters. The technical team at Feathersoft worked collectively with the client and came out with an efficient framework to streamline their process and delivered a Generic Data Ingestion Tool.

  • Helped to keep a track of the status of the jobs run and ensured the credibility of data outputs by notifying the user about the status of the scheduled scripts or jobs.
  • Made sure the timely execution of planned jobs as well as traceability in situations where a job fails.
  • The tool ensured the data fed to the analytics were complete and accurate.
  • Brought complete transparency in tracing and monitoring the jobs and improved efficiency in a conventional way as per our Client’s requirement.

Impact on Business

In this competitive business world, every enterprise is familiar with the immense advantages of data mining. Our Client also set out to leverage this data for boosting their business growth. With the induction of the Generic Data Ingestion Tool into the pipeline, we ensured the following benefits:

  • The quality and credibility of data output improved substantially which in turn led the management in making highly informed and precise decisions making.
  • Crafting new business strategies based on accurate analytics data.
  • Logical segments and targeting your outreach with the help of predictive analytics, rather than sending generic appeals which will save your money and reflect in better financial results.

Technology Used

Shell Scripting