Big data analytics & consulting services

Big Data Analytics & Consulting Services

We accelerate big data implementations and help enterprises to drive actionable insights for faster innovation. Our team is skilled enough to support you through the entire development of the Big Data Analytics & Consulting services that you are looking for.

Whatever your goal to be, our aim remains the same to provide you end-to-end, tailored solutions to help you achieve your long-term business insights and analytics goals.

Our Capabilities

Big data analytics & consulting services
AI and Analytics Solutions
Big data analytics & consulting services
Enterprise Data Management 
Big data analytics & consulting services
Search and Content Analytics

Our Processes

Feathersoft provides dynamic big data analytics & consulting services which helps organizations to analyze their large datasets and drive valuable business insights from it.

transformation of data

Discovering your current data architecture to analyze data sources and define data lakes or data warehouses

production of dashboards

Data massaging, processing, and transforming data into usable formats to ensure data integrity

data preparation for analysis

Consolidating data from multiple sources and makes it available for analysis and visualization.

comparative data reporting

Helping choose among big data platforms for managing your data infrastructures, like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and more.

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Case Study

Learn how our software solution enabled the Client to offer their customers a healthcare-specific payment processing tool that enables eligibility verification, claims, remittances and payment processing in a single transaction.

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Technology Capabilities

Apache NiFi to automate data flow
Apache Spark is a cluster-computing framework
Apache Kafka provide  high-throughput real time data feeds
Apache Hadoop to solve problems in massive amounts of data
Power BI provide interactive visualizations of data
Tableau is a powerful  data visualization tool
Apache Hive is used to query data stored in various databases
Hortonworks is designed to manage Big Data

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