Client Profile

With a dominant presence amongst agtech companies in the US and across the globe, our client is a producer of agrochemicals and seeds, carrying out innovative research and technology to help crops reach their full potential. The company’s genetic innovations are targeted at meeting sustainability challenges and improving crop yields to meet the growing consumer needs.

Client Requirement

Our client recognized that they lacked an intelligent data collection solution due to:

  • Susceptible to human errors: The data collected is manually updated in excel sheets and send via e-mails; an extremely susceptible process prone to human errors.
  • Vulnerable to Security: The confidential data in spreadsheets can be easily exposed to unauthorized activities due to the inherent lack of controls; making it easier to alter validated values, or dependencies without detection.
  • Hard to consolidate: The data collected from the field is managed by different people at different points of time and is subjected to numerous error-prone activities like copy-pasting, cell entry, and range specification.
  • Traditional way of collecting data: Used traditional, ineffective way of data collection using pen and paper which is a tedious task.

Key Challenges

  • Creating a fully integrated mobile software solution to manage data collected from the field
  • Improve field record integrity and streamline data entry with software that syncs automatically to the server.
  • Crafting a software providing cutting edge solutions for securing data.
  • Employing multiple persons in the same data collection process.
  • Integration with satellites and drone image data from different providers including farm shots.

Feathersoft Solution

Feathersoft’s consultants built an affordable, robust mobile solution to consolidate the entire field operations data with a streamlined software tool, accessible 24/7 from any device and feature multiple benefits:

  • Data Management: Harvest and yield data is collected and probed in real-time, supplying an accurate picture of their operations.
  • Data Syncing: The field records are synced to the cloud and mobile app for easy, around-the-clock access to information.
  • Data Security: Valid user credentials are created to access data using single sign-on authentication, safeguarding the information collected.

Impact on Business

  • Enhanced process from paper and spreadsheets to iOS & Android mobile devices.
  • Growth status tracking, by which the seed growth rate and quality; all functions have been programmed to be smoothly coordinated from a smartphone or tablet
  • Consistent, accurate field data records with Auto Sync eliminates the scope of human error and manual data sharing via email.
  • Consolidated real-time data were available round the clock.
  • Ability to view and crosscheck the previous trial information.
  • Locating fields by drawing coordinates in the map around the geographical location.

Technology Used

Angular js
Google Analytics