utilization of technology in fintech industry


Financial technology firms moves very fast and develop solutions innovatively to stay ahead in the competition. They only need a development partner to address this.

Feathersoft understands this very well. Powering Fintech at the background with excellent technologies and teams who constantly innovate and upgrade to cater to the supersonic speeds of Fintech industry. Feathersoft has been helping Fintech companies to innovate for the last 10 years by constantly upgrading our capabilities in design and architecting; development, testing; data transformation, reporting, dash boarding and cloud enablement, management and support of Financial technology solutions.

Our solutions take care of the critical aspects in Fintech development –

  • Multi-tier functionalities
  • Data security
  • Load-balancing
  • Data visualizations & reporting
  • Complex integrations
  • Unified view of data
  • Scalability
  • Compliance with Fintech regulations.
Data visualizations & reporting

easy transaction of money using financial technology

Our capabilities span across-

  • Healthcare payment systems
  • Financial transactions systems
  • Payment/billing software
  • Money transfer/remittance
  • Digital banks
  • P2P lending
  • Crowdfunding

Our services span across-

  • Data analysis and data engineering services
  • Product Development
  • Cloud Migration
data analytics and data visualization

Data Engineering & Data Analysis Solution - Feathersoft

Some of our success stories include-

  • Data Engineering & Data Analysis Solution for a leading payment solutions company
  • Data Analytics Solution for leading Healthcare payment solutions company
  • DevOps Solution for leading Healthcare payment solutions company
  • Healthcare Payment Collections for leading Healthcare Payment Collections company
  • Server-less cloud migration