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Development Methodology

Feathersoft follows strict development methodologies to ensure our projects deliver extremely reliable code which meets or exceeds the client's expectations. We offer outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, by optimizing system functionality, improving operational efficiency. Our projects benefit from our responsive customer service and our result oriented mission. The evolution of a solution at Feathersoft is catered by a systematic cycle.

Requirement Analysis

At Feathersoft our Business analysts analyze our client requirements by discovering, analyzing, defining and documenting depicting every functional, non-functional, technical, operational and transitional requirement. This phase involves regular client interaction to proximate their expectations, conveying visual representations, mapping out the loose ends, building the boundaries of the system. It would form out a formal SRS agreement with the clients on the particulars in scope and out of scope, jotting down the understanding of each party on the end result.

Architectural Planning & Design

Our product architects based on the SRS documented after requirement analysis, models out the best architecture defining the process for development which is discussed further with the client for approval. The proposed product architecture is designed and documented as the product specification. The client and Feathersoft has a review on the product considering parameters like risk assessment, product robustness, design modularity , budget and time constraints and thus the best approach is selected for the product.


Engineering the client solution starts at this stage with our most competent and technically sound software engineers. We assure code generation without any hassle using the detailed and organized product specification. Feathersoft has solid back-up experience working with various methodologies like waterfall, spiral, agile and other models. However we have a particular passion working on agile projects as it has helped us to ensure high performance solutions with accurate delivery. With agile project management we ensure consistent review between the client and development team bringing in a human interactive management style. Going for agile project management style we provide our clients with small modules of deliverable results in different stages. This helps to convey the progress of the project to the client and take in feedback and further inputs for improving the product.

Review Of Code

Feathersoft prioritize to review the code constantly from the stage of engineering through the moment before deployment as it helps to proximate the system as we build, rather than pushing it off to the end and hence helps to reduce the delivery time and SDLC cost for our customers. Constant review has helped us to build a bug free solution as it is engineered, and identifying flaws to the end and integrating the fixes for better performance. Review of code at Feathersoft is a planned and systematic workflow process comprising Preparation, Inspection, Rework and Follow-up. The cyclic process goes on to an extent of ensuring exactitude of the product specification.


Feathersoft has trained Software Test Engineers having hands on experience on testing, focusing on Quality Assurance keeping in mind to verify that the product specifications are met and proper risk management handling is improvised. Our Testers are focused on quality to ensure an ever lasting solution which performs in any circumstance like load testing on your website, etc. affirming that the solution performs to its best in any scenario. We are specialized in automated testing hence we are able to optimize test results and bug reports efficiently.


Feathersoft either releases the solution formally to the market or deploys it in stages as per the organizations business strategy. If client requires a user-acceptance testing it could be done by releasing the product first in a limited segment and testing its proximity in the real-business environment. Based on the implemented environment feedback the product may be released as such or with suggested enrichment to the targeted marketing segment. Feathersoft also do provide maintenance for the solution to our existing customer base.

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